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Writers block is something many people have been afflicted with in the past and most of us are well aware of the frustration it brings. How can you overcome it?

1. Brainstorming

This is an excellent way to start of a new project/assignment, why? Because it gives you a great overview of the complete work and you lets you spot any hidden obstacles. You might want to check out this article I wrote on mind mapping.

2. Just write!

Sounds easier than it is? Well not really, what I mean by proclaiming “Just write” is to do just that. Write without worrying of the context, your grammar or anything else! Why? Because its a whole lot easier to deal with a half-ugly draft than it is to start from scratch.

3. Take a walk

This technique should not be misoverestimated (I really like that word); taking a walk in the forest and inhaling some fresh air could do wonders. I personally get tons of ideas when just walking, if you are like me I recommend you to bring your notebook with you when walking. We wouldn’t want those awesome ideas to vanish!

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