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Today we are going to discuss the importance of revising ones content. I’ve divided the post into these following categories:

1. Grammar

Yes, it is boring and tiring but it still remains as a very essential part of your writing. Try to highlight (in your memory) words that you often misspell so you know them in the future. The only way to really get rid of this defect is by reading books a lot, not only do you get learn new words, improve your grammar but you also start reading faster.
Tip: You could always look at the Wikipedia entry for common misspellings and words that are frequently misused.

2. Misplaced words

I have to admit, ever since MS Word and other popular word processing applications started correcting misspelled words this problem has decreased dramatically. Albeit, they managed to fix misspellings but they did not manage to fix misplaced words or an irrational word order (except to a small degree). Never put your trust on a machine, be sure to always revise it your self! 🙂

3. Make someone else read it

OK, so no you’ve read it through, revised it and fixed all possible grammatical issues. Now what? A good idea would be to make someone else read your content and give feedback. Why?

Because generally we tend to miss mistakes we’ve made, after all we are reading the text with a subjective eye, right? Also, don’t get all to frustrated if the reader gave you some negative feedback. This only benefits you… hopefully 🙂

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