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Speed Reading – Will I ever stop?

July 30, 2007  |  Reading  |  No Comments

I’ve been ranting about speed reading again, and again and again. Why? Because, I truly believe it’s an amazing resource which many students miss.

I know, on a personal level, what type of effect a good speed reading rate can have in comparison to a bad one.

It’s a huge different. Thus I decided to write a little more detailed article on the matter, heres a quote from the article: Read More

Is Food The Key To Study Success?

July 29, 2007  |  Educational Theory, General Tips  |  1 Comment

In some people minds; yes. The reality is of course the opposite, food may be vital for your survival but it is not vital for your success. Why have I decided to rant about this today? Well for starters, I am sick and tired of people claiming that eating breakfast will solve every problem on earth. Read More

2 Ways To Use Your iPod In Your Studies

July 26, 2007  |  General Tips

Have you ever considered using your iPod/Mp3 or any other type of audio player as a medium or tool for study? If no, then these words may give you some new inspiration. Why would you need to do such a thing. Well for one thing; it’s been proven that the more senses we use when studying, the better we learn. Study tools can make a difference. Read More

Shortcuts To Study Success

July 19, 2007  |  Educational Theory  |  1 Comment

Howdy! For those of you who missed my bad sophisticated excuse for not posting for a long while, you might want to check out the previous post… Having that said, let us dive into this subject with no further due.
Have you ever purchased a study guide that promises to teach all these great and amazing “study secrets” that no one has ever heard of? In most cases, this type of hype does not carry any real content or any fulfillment to the many promises that has been made. Except for this study guide of course (it is written by me after all :mrgreen:). Hence, It will be my duty today to try to guide you on how to find out the real study techniques that lead to success in your studies. Read More

Did I Forget About You?

July 19, 2007  |  General Tips, Uncategorized  |  1 Comment

Howdy! Long time no see… Now before you verbally slaughter me for not making a post in a while, please take the time to hear my excuse. Here it goes

The reason that I haven’t made a single post in a while is because of YOU. Yes, you heard me right, although the previous statement might have sounded more irrational than Mr. Colbert himself, I am indeed serious.

“Why is that?” you ask. Well, I am planning to give my site – Study Habits – an extreme make over. I want to create a viral, community type web 2.0 site featuring lots and I mean lots of FREE & AMAZING stuff. Everything from videos showing you some almost lethal study tips to audios & interviews with top notch experts, study guides, tons of tools and lots of Free Software. In short, a cool looking, up to date study site to quench your thirst for education.

Please, if you have any suggestions for the “new site”, tell me, I would love to include any improvements you have to bring. Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail, thank you in advance! :mrgreen: You will love it, or at least I hope you will!