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Guide To Correct Spelling

September 10, 2007  |  Writing Tips  |  No Comments
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As most of you around here already know, I am not the best speler speller there is. Despite this great shortcoming of mine, I still agree that knowing how to spell properly is a knowledge we all should posses. Here is a few points on correct spelling

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Should I Post On Weekends?

September 9, 2007  |  2 Comments

A very short and brief question today; do you think I should blog on Saturdays and Sundays or give you guys a rest on the weekends?

Personally, I enjoy reading blogs on weekends just as much as I do on weekdays but I’m not sure whether you feel the same. Thanks for stopping by and reading this, I really and truly appreciate your comments…

Education Quote #2

September 7, 2007  |  Education Quotes  |  No Comments

Ready for some good old quotes and sayings on education? Regardless of your answer, I’m gonna give it to you anyway!

This is a famous education quote by G. Santayana who said:

“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child”

I can not but agree. It’s important to remember that universities and colleges only teach you “materialistic knowledge”. Even their philosophy and religion classes are often seen from a materialistic point of view.

In order to learn more about yourself and life, you have to understand that you can’t fix yourself on the institutional education that is available. So, do you agree? Are those children who are exclusively educated in school uneducated?

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Planning & Time – My ‘Secret’ Weapon

September 7, 2007  |  General Tips, Managing Time  |  5 Comments

Remember how we discussed time management skills yesterday? Well, I thought would tell you some dirty little tricks that will most likely enhance your managing of time. Are you ready to hear these juicy tips?

There is one ‘secret’ of time management that most people don’t know about. It’s fairly common that most of use mind maps, to do lists and other related tools to improve their efficiency but not many a men use the following device which I view as a secret weapon of , namely…
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Multi-tasking more harmful than weed?

September 6, 2007  |  Educational Theory  |  No Comments

That’s a weird title, don’t you think? To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend you to smoke pot nor to multitask (although the former is much worse than multitasking). Let me tell you why I wrote such an obscure header. Read More

How To Manage Your Time Effectively

September 6, 2007  |  Managing Time  |  8 Comments

Time management is such an important skill, could be very effective, but yet a whole bunch of people seem to have serious issues with it.

They spend hours upon hours reading material from so called “motivational writers” and little time actually doing what they are supposed to do, the irony! Read More

Education Quote – Number 1

September 4, 2007  |  Education Quotes  |  No Comments

I thought I would start a new series today featuring different quotes on the subject of education. You don’t always need to say very much to get your point through.

With all the “Americans can’t use maps” discussion that we have been seeing these days I thought this quote by G. M. Trevelyan is somewhat relevant:

“Education… has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.”

Very well put.

Just Wanted To Say Thanks!

September 2, 2007  |  No Comments

To be honest with you, I never really thought that this blog would come this far. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it guys (especially when you comment)!.

¤ Hundreds of new visitors come here every day.

¤ 1000+ have subscribed to my e-newsletter.

¤ The Study Guide Pro is on it’s way to become the most purchased study guide on the net.

Thank you guys!

How To Learn Any Language Quickly

September 1, 2007  |  Language Tips  |  1 Comment

Hello, how’s it going? I thought I might talk about an interesting issue today, namely, foreign languages. Why on earth would you need to learn a foreign language? Well for starters, the more languages you know the greater your perspective will be.

You can understand different people and cultures more efficiently and this may even open up some new opportunities in the future. So, what is the best way to learn a new language? Here is how I would do it: Read More