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It’s a matter of Time

When you do the SAT, you need to keep one eye on the clock. Once you get the questions, you might just get excited and spend a lot of time on what you know well. A big no-no. What you need to do is time management and you have to allocate time for each section.

The SAT can be divided into 4 sections which are mathematics, critical reading, writing and one section which is a variable or and equating one. So here’s how it goes as far as the time allotted for each section is concerned.

The mathematics section has 2×25 minute parts and one 20 minute part. The subjects include geometry, algebra, statistics, number and operations, data analysis and probability. The writing section has one 25 minute part and a 35 minute part. The section usually starts with the essay, followed by the multiple choice part.

The critical reading section has 2×25 minute parts and one 20 minute part. This has long or short passages that test your reading and understanding skills. The variable, which can be writing, mathematics or critical reading, is a 25 minute section. This section is unscored and is useful for developing future SAT questions. The whole test adds up to 3 hours and 45 minutes. Subscribe to this blog