Americans wake up! Stop living in the stone age…

March 12, 2007  |  Geeky

You heard me right, its time to start being illuminated and wake up from the ignorance you’ve been living in. If you haven’t heard it before, let me say it to you:

The inch/lbs etc systems = Stone Age systems

We live in an age of scientific advancements, perhaps its time to put the old American ethnocentrism to the side and adapt to what I call a real system of units. Lets look at this simple example:

– Measuring distance –

USA: There is no real explicit homogeneous definition on what an inch really is nor from where it was first derived. Now compare this to the rest of the world …

The rest of the world (almost): Uses the so called meter system, the definition of 1 meter is as follows: The length of the path traveled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second (source). Now that’s powerful! 🙂

– Measuring heat –

From Wikipedia:

“Throughout the world, except in the U.S., the Celsius temperature scale is used for practically all purposes. The only exception are some specialist fields (e.g., low-temperature physics, astrophysics, light temperature in photography) where the closely related Kelvin scale dominates instead.

Even in the U.S., almost the entire scientific world and many engineering fields, especially high-tech ones, use the Celsius scale. The general U.S. population, however, remains more accustomed to the Fahrenheit scale, which is therefore the only scale that most U.S. broadcasters use in weather forecasts.

Having that said, the question I ask is … When will you ever adapt?
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  1. Hey, no American here to falsify my claims?
    *evil European grin : )

  2. oh yeah europe? well we gots ourselves our OWN system, take that conformists
    we’ll stick to our good ‘ol inches and feet
    instead of your so called meehtres

  3. lol, dude could you at least spell meters correct? : D

  4. We’ve should of been doing the metric system since the war.

  5. asdf: Wahh Wahh Wahh. I think it’s easier to remember that 12 inches=1ft; 3ft = 1 yard, rather than 10mm=1cm; 100cm = 1m; 1000m = 1km. The prefixes do all the work for you, unlike the imperial system, which seems /so/ much easier in comparison. Idiot

  6. What proves that the “rest of the world’s” systems are better than the American system? Just because you have a fraction that proves that meter is in fact a meter because the “discoverer of that particular measurement named it that. So, should we then use useless numbers unknown to the average person … ie: the speed limit in this area is: “1/6790^7”? The metric system may be more useful in areas of science and math, but in everyday life, I like the American system.

  7. Yeah… I agree with you. (And I’m American.) While I don’t know the metric system relative to real life situations. (i.e. the weather/ a person’s normal “weight” relative to their height) but I know how long a meter is and how heavy a kilogram is, but I don’t know how heavy one pound is or how long a foot actually is. It’s stupid because then we have to spend half of science classes learning the metric system.

    People who don’t want to switch are just stubborn. And a lot of people would get annoyed if the government suddenly forced it upon people…

  8. Jason: I totally agree with you!

    roflcakes: You are kidding me, the metric system is from an objective perspective a lot more easier to learn. The prefixes do all the work for us, no need to go an extra step 😉

    Eloro: In reality they both work and there is no real need to change either of them, although I think the metric system is more rational and easy.

    Steph: Brilliant response! That is all I can say, brilliant indeed.

    Thank you for all the responses, negative or positive. Do not take it too serious though, who could of guessed Americans would be so patriotic 🙄

  9. Well Im an American, (but they told me if I said anything
    against inches or feet they will send me to the mines
    in Texas.)

  10. Well, you waste time adding extra letters to your words. Color is more efficient than Colour, or whatever you add extra “u”s to. Why don’t you wake up! You could save an extra tenth of a second a day by not adding “u”s to words that don’t need them.


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