Note taking

Note Taking

Tech Tools For Study Habits & Organization

Tech Tools For Study Habits & Organization

Students are always looking for new ways to make studying just a bit easier, and just a bit more convenient. Of course, we’ve all had the experience of having to lug a massive textbook around, trying to read, memorize and absorb as much as possible before a major exam. Sometimes, this is just the way it has to happen! But these days, there are also a lot of new tools available to help students with organization and study habits. For example, here are a few ways in which apps and new technologies can help with school.


How To Find Cheap Textbooks

How To Find Cheap Textbooks

Finding cheap textbooks can be difficult and cumbersome. The easiest way to get a hold of a copy of the... more

Learn Like a Baby

Learn Like a Baby

Be a baby, or learn like a baby? We live in a day and age where we as human beings try... more

How To Write on an Essay Exam

Writing essays on an exam isn't the same as answering simple questions on a conventional exam. Some people prefer the... more

Writer’s Block

Unfortunately we all know what writer's block is and how painful it can be but is there a way to... more

KWL Table/Chart

A k-w-l (or k-w-l-h) table/chart is a form of graphical organizer, first introduced in the mid 80's by a researcher... more

Cornell Notes

The Cornell note taking system is a systematic way of formating and organizing your notes, the system was initiated by... more

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