O.K so your grades have been bad and you want to do something about it. First of all, let me congratulate you for reading this. The first step in improving your grades is realizing that there’s a problem and that it needs to fixed. There are number of things we can do to help boost your grades. Consider the following:

1. Take your studies seriously

You might be thinking, well I am already taking my studies seriously. Well perhaps but not as serious as it needs to be taken. If you truly want higher grades you should be prepared for what that encompasses. You will have to invest both time and energy into your studies and this needs to be done on a CONTINUES basis. Studying a few hours today and then nothing more during the rest of week is not considered as continuous. Treat your studies as if it was a profession, you’ll have to wake up early and if you don’t study X number of hours every day you’ll be fired. Let there be repercussions for slacking off, promulgate a rule that says “I can’t do {insert something you enjoy} until I’ve studies X hours today“. Don’t be afraid to punish yourself, you’ll have to be strict in order to be focused.

2. Make a plan

Putting things down on paper has an extraordinary effect on people. Don’t just think about your goals, get it down on paper. Make sure you know what you want to accomplish with your studies. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to compile a coherent study plan that you try to follow strictly (unless something more important comes up, obviously). A study plan should include all the major and minor steps that you need to take in order to get better grades.

3. When it’s all already over

O.K so you might have messed up and there’s no second exam. What do you do now? Well if you really want to improve that grade there might be some venues to do so. Some educational institutions allow for students to retake an exam that they’ve already passed in order to get a higher grade. If that option is open you shouldn’t hesitate to take it. However if your particular school or university doesn’t allow for such procedures there might still be another way. I would recommend you to talk with either (or both) your professor in the course of question and your academic adviser. Ask your professor quite bluntly, how can I improve this grade? It’s not uncommon that students are allowed a higher grade if they for instance submit an extra report or undergo a series of exam questions.

4. Enjoy it

At the end of the day if you’re not truly enjoying what you’re learning you won’t be able to get much data stored in that head of yours. I suppose there was a time when you enjoyed this subject, why not try to rekindle that flame? Remember, studying isn’t really that bad, it’s not like you’ve been sent off as a slave to work in a Siberian work camp. Always put things in perspective, if your studies are as important as you hold them to be you will be able to strive much harder.