A lot of people tend to have the wrong understanding of the word “free”. To clarify my point, let me tell you a small story:

A little while ago, I heard a story about this man who had just managed to reconfigure his connection settings in way to that made it possible for him to call for free via the Internet. (Now do have in mind that this was a couple of years before Skype).

The man was obviously proud of his achievement and remarked: “It took me 14 hours to set the system right and I did finally manage to call for free”. Now, in my opinion, 14 hours of work is “not free”. Anyone who thinks that wasting 1 second “is free” has obviously not understood the value and blessing of time.

I believe it’s said that time is money, I disagree, time is more precious than money. You can always earn money if you lose it but you can never ever bring back 1 second of your life! What does this teach us?

Hopefully, it should remind us to use our time in a wise matter and never decide to waste a few hours in doing something pointless. Click Here to subscribe to this blog, I promise you that it won’t waste your time 😉