Utube sues Youtube

April 9, 2007  |  Geeky  |  No Comments

Old news? Yes, but the case is still pending. For those of you who are unaware of this story, this is what happened: Read More

The missing dollar mystery

April 2, 2007  |  Geeky  |  3 Comments

Remember my previous entry on 2 equaling 1? Well some people felt there was to much math so I decided to give you an easier one to understand (and cooler also) although it might not be easier to solve.
Your job is to find out what happened to the missing dollar, the story goes something like this: Read More

This Weeks Wiki – First edition

March 20, 2007  |  Geeky, Math  |  No Comments

Some of you might have read the post I made recently about 2 equaling 1 (congrats to Vasko for solving it).
The interesting part is that I found this ilogical proof in Wikipedia, here is the full article on invalid (mathematical ) proofs. Really interesting!
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Does 2 equal 1?

March 16, 2007  |  Geeky, Math, Uncategorized  |  9 Comments

Does 1 equal 2, you tell me? 😉 Here is the proof (unfiltered by rational arguments):

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Read More

Americans wake up! Stop living in the stone age…

March 12, 2007  |  Geeky  |  10 Comments

You heard me right, its time to start being illuminated and wake up from the ignorance you’ve been living in. If you haven’t heard it before, let me say it to you:

The inch/lbs etc systems = Stone Age systems

We live in an age of scientific advancements, perhaps its time to put the old American ethnocentrism to the side and adapt to what I call a real system of units. Lets look at this simple example Read More