Study Smarter - Not Harder

Study Smarter – Not Harder

February 11, 2011  |  Educational Theory, General Tips  |  1 Comment

Learn how to study smarter, not harder! This guide will explain to you how you can begin studying smarter, not harder.

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How To Choose a Career

How To Choose a Career

February 10, 2011  |  General Tips, How to, Self-Improvement  |  3 Comments

It has to be done, sooner or later you will have to join a profession of some sort. This post will guide you through this process of finding the right career choice that fits you and your specific needs.

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How To Choose a College Major

How To Choose a College Major

February 9, 2011  |  General Tips, How to  |  1 Comment

Choosing a college major isn’t always an easy task. This artilce will offer you some tips on how to go about choosing a major.

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Passing Difficult Exams

February 9, 2011  |  Exam Taking, General Tips  |  5 Comments

Understanding difficult subjects

If you want to learn how to pass difficult exams you need to first revisit your definition of the word ‘difficult’. Don’t be deluded by the word difficult. How many students haven’t had their dreams shattered by this word. How many a men have not lost themselves in the wilderness of their own self delusion merely because the believed that things have an inherent difficulty in them. Too many, that’s for sure.

Difficult words

What makes the word accolade anymore difficult than the word acceptance? Is it the number of letters used? Nope, in this case the latter word has more letters than the former but is viewed as more difficult. Why?

Simply because we have a wrong understanding, that’s why. I had a teacher once who correctly stated: “There are no difficult words – only words you haven’t heard of”. We tend to call the unknown difficult while in reality it is no more or less difficult than that we already know. This is the mindset you need to have before learning new terminology.

Memorize the words and their meaning and then try to use those words in their appropriate setting. Once you’ve used a word or phrase continuously you’ll stop to perceive it as difficult and even worthy of an explanation.

Difficult subject

Now before I dismiss the notion of there not being difficult subjects I do need to state that there are indeed subjects that are perceived as more difficult than others. This we all know from experience. However it is important to understand that although we may view it as difficult someone else sees it as easy. The difference between us and this other person is that the latter has understood the concept and thus finds it easy. If you want to be able to transform a difficult subject to become easy you’ll need to first understand it.

That’s why you should invest a lot of time to pose questions to the teacher in the beginning of such a course. As soon as you don’t understand a word, phrase or concept you need to investigate it further. Don’t leave it to the future because chances are that you will never look into what that particular thing meant and will only later find yourself to be troubled when it shows up on an exam or in a real life scenario.

Do your homework, learn first and it will help you out later.

Tutor Finder – How To Find a Tutor

Don’t be afraid to ask when you do not know, we all need help every now and then. There are many myths about tutoring and hiring tutors which is why I think it is important to clear the myths and tell it like it is. This post will attempt to do just that, a starting point towards finding yourself a tutor.

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How To Stop Watching TV OR… At Least Not As Much

September 26, 2010  |  General Tips, Managing Time, Self-Improvement  |  4 Comments

Today, we’ll focus on one of the biggest obstacles standing in your way towards academic success. There are indeed a lot of different distractions out there today but none is as elusive, innocent looking yet devilishly perjured as television. Read More

Planning Your Tasks

September 14, 2010  |  Free Stuff, General Tips, Self-Improvement  |  1 Comment

If you want to succeed in college you’ll need to know how to plan your tasks. Without proper planning, you’re wondering about without any proper direction. Always make sure you have all your upcoming tasks planned, in reality you won’t be able to plan for them all but the more you plan ahead the better. There’s an old saying that says; if you don’t plan for success you are planning for failure. There’s no middle ground!

If you’re looking for task managers to aide you in this affair we suggest you first:

1) Sign Up for our upcoming online study calendar
2) Read the article on how to make a task list
3) Immediately start taking action. Don’t sit around and hope for a better future, engage yourself to try to reach a better future. The more organized you get, the easier it become to study.

Try to start small and then work towards bigger and bigger tasks. You don’t want to loose the bigger picture while at the same time not avoiding the lesser tasks. Aiming towards moderation is aiming towards perfection.

That’s about it. If you truly want to change you’ll need to start actively working towards change and important step towards that is planning your tasks property. Until next time, au revoir!

College Calculator

July 18, 2010  |  General Tips  |  No Comments

We have a new tool ready for ya all, it’s fresh out of the oven. I didn’t bake it though, the code is based on a wp-plugin.

I’ve added a college savings calculator for anyone who’s interested in saving money for college. Below is a screen shot from the actual widget: Read More

Study Break

June 15, 2010  |  General Tips, Managing Time  |  2 Comments

Are you considering taking a study break? There are a lot of things you need to be aware of before taking a study break. In this guide you will learn when it might be a good idea to take break and when to avoid doing so. As usual, feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂 Read More

Summer Studies

June 3, 2010  |  General Tips  |  No Comments

It’s always relaxing when the summer break starts, isn’t it? You can’t study intensively all the time, everybody needs a break every now and then and the summer plays an important role in all of this.

If you intend to take some courses during the summer and you’ve studied all semester I would recommend you to take it easy, there’s a risk that you could wear yourself out. Hence everything should be taken in moderation, even studies. Read More