The Lazy Student #3 Issue

April 3, 2010  |  Lazy Student Series  |  13 Comments

Today you’ll discover a way to learn and memorize information without actually doing something. Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not, because here’s how to do it. Read More

The Lazy Student – Part 2

May 23, 2007  |  Lazy Student Series  |  No Comments

I am really excited today, do you want to know why? Well… I am excited because today I discovered this free online Memorizable Table and I felt that I had to share it with you guys! I’ve tried it out, and so far it seems to be excellent in helping you to memorize information and prepare for exams.

Click here to visit the site, I hope you will enjoy it!

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The Lazy Student – First Issue

May 12, 2007  |  Lazy Student Series  |  2 Comments

Hello and welcome to the first issue of “The lazy Student”, today we are going to look into a neat little script that generates notes. Do you remember my article on cornell notes?

Well, the site that I am going to show you today features a script that can generate custom built note sheets! Go check it out and tell us all what you think 🙂

Here is the link: Custom Made Cornell Notes.

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