Readers Question: “I Want Better Comprehension”

September 17, 2007  |  General Tips, Q&A  |  1 Comment

It’s time again for another readers question. Today, we have the privilege to answer a certain fellow by the name of Aravind who wrote me the following question:
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Readers Question: “How Do We Focus On Our Goals”

September 15, 2007  |  How to, Q&A  |  No Comments

It’s about time we start a new series here, don’t you think? I receive a certain amount of questions in my inbox every now and then and I might as well answer the questions here. You can find my e-mail at the bottom of this post if you would like to send me a message or simply comment
Filip wrote me the following message:

” How to concentrate on my exams. There is always something more important than my studying. pls help”

Filip, like many of us you are suffering from lack of concentration. The good news is that it’s very easy to change direction. I would advice you to do the following:
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