A Secret Bart Simpson Taught Me About Getting Up

April 22, 2007  |  Self-Improvement  |  6 Comments

Remember the post I made about getting up early? I thought I follow it up with a small tips I learned from none other than the infamous Bart Simpson (although Lisa claimed that it was the ancient Indians who started using the technique, I see no reasons to doubt Bart’s truthfulness). 🙂 Anyway, this is what you need to do: Read More

Wake Up Now! 3 Steps To Getting Up Early

April 20, 2007  |  Self-Improvement  |  5 Comments

Don’t you just hate it when you miss an important meeting due to sleep? From now on, those days are over! Just follow these 3 steps and you’ll understand what I mean: Read More

The Power of Negotiating

April 13, 2007  |  Self-Improvement  |  2 Comments

We negotiate on a daily basis. Sometimes with our friends and family and other times with those who have some kind of authority over us (like a boss or teacher etc). In each case we need some kind of secret psychological weapon to win these negotiations and this is what we are going to discuss today 🙂 Read More

3 easy tips – Never forget an assignment again!

March 8, 2007  |  Self-Improvement  |  3 Comments

We are all human beings (as far as I know) and we tend to forget a lot of things, a little too much for our own good I’m afraid. So today I think it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and tackle this problem once and for all, are you with me? — Please consider subscribing to this blog if you want be updated.–

How to defeat forgetfulness in 3 easy steps: Read More

Being Interviewed Tips

March 6, 2007  |  Self-Improvement  |  No Comments

In the recent interview tips post we discussed how to conduct a successful and proper interview, today we’re gonna discuss the same thing but the other side around.

That is to say, from the perspective of the one who’s being interviewed. Or as Homer Simpson would of put it: “The hunter has become the hunter” (Click here to subscribe to this blog)

Why is this important?

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How to conduct a successful interview

February 27, 2007  |  Self-Improvement  |  No Comments

Few things could spice up a research paper like a good interview could. This is why I thought it might be a good idea to go through the essentials of interviewing.

Before the interview
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How to live more not longer!

February 16, 2007  |  How to, Self-Improvement  |  2 Comments

This is a post about the art of living more and not longer since the latter is not in our control at all (regardless of what any biased health nutritionist may claim). Do you want to know what it implies to live more?

  • You get more things done in less time
  • You can live life more; 10, 20 or even 30 years which would otherwise be in vain.
  • How is this possible?

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