How To Code

How To Code

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In this guide, we will cover how you can teach yourself computer programming. Learning how to code is in essence the process of acquiring a new language and a new mindset. Computer programming has become the fad of our times, its benefits are numerous and the way to learn it is rather straightforward and easy.

To learn how to code, one first needs to develop a learning strategy. Below, I have listed a few things to consider before embarking on your journey.

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Work and Study

Work and Study

April 11, 2011  |  1 Comment

Is it possible to combine work with studies? If yes, how can this be done? This will be the topic of today’s post.

If you are reading this, chances are that you belong to either one of two categories:

  • i) You work & study at the same tide.
  • ii) You intend to work & study at the same time

Since the approach is different in regards to which one of these two categories you belong to, I’ll also deal with them differently.

I Already Work & Study

If you belong to this category that means that you are currently employed while studying at the same time. Your main concern is how to make this process as efficient as possible; assuming that there has been difficulties combing the two.


Measuring Your Time

Don’t limit yourself to estimations. If you truly want to know how much time your work & studies are consuming you need to sit down and calculate it on a piece of paper. Don’t be satisfied with writing down only the times that you are working or attending lectures.

Instead, write down all the necessary activities that pertain to that activity, e.g the time it takes to drive to work/school, prepare to work/school and so forth. Only when you measure all things related to that activity you can first begin to visualize how much time you’ll be left with.


Free Up Some Time

The easiest way to begin freeing up some time is to look through all the different time consuming activities (which you’ve already prepared in the step earlier) and go through each one asking yourself the same question: “Do I really need to do this?”. In many cases the answer will be yes but in some cases it will be no. Begin by locating these unnecessary activities.


Optimizing Your Time

Not everything can be discarded of course, so how do you deal with the rest of your activities? Once you’ve examined how much time is at your disposal, you can then begin to optimize your time and focus on the things that produce results. Go through each entry in your list and ask yourself the following question: “Can I optimize this somehow?”

You shouldn’t be doing unnecessary things just for the sake of doing them. If certain lectures don’t provide any benefit to you perhaps it is wiser to not attend those particular lectures and instead focus on working with the material individually, seeking out the teachers assistance when needed.

Other inquiries related to optimization include your method of transportation (can it be quicker, can you perhaps study while commuting?), lunch (can you shorten your lunch hours?) and other daily tasks that collectively take up a lot of time.

I Intend To Work & Study

If are currently either studying or working and you’re thinking of combing these two you’ll need to first investigate how much time the job/studies will take up.


Time Schedule

Create a physical time schedule filling in your work hours and the time allocated for the thing you’re currently doing. Keep one important thing in mind when you’re estimating how much time a particular activity will take up. Never bee to optimistic in evaluating time allocations. It’s better to plan for too little time than too much time. Even though something may seem ‘possible’ to do when calculating it on a piece of paper, it’s rarely as true when doing it in real life. This is because of the ever changing nature of life, things will happen that you didn’t account for. At the very least you should keep this in mind whenever you’re planning for something.


Keep the Primary Fixed

If possible, don’t go all in. I many cases one of the two things (job/studies) is your primary whether that is your studies or your current job. Either way, make sure the one that is secondary only takes up as much time as needed. If you are a full time student who needs extra cash, don’t try to fit in a full time job with once. Take it slowly, if possible part time in the beginning and more and more as you go. Likewise if you are currently working a full time job and you absolutely need this to support your family, don’t risk it all unless you feel absolutely certain that you can manage it.

In short, the primary is the constant, you can’t do much to decrease it’s size without dealing with severe repercussions. The secondary however is the variable in our scenario. Use it as you wish, a little or a lot as long as it does not decrease the size of the primary. The secondary is changed in relation to the primary and NOT the other way around, i.e if studying is your primary and work your secondary then you can work as much as you want UNLESS it hurts your studies because the primary is the key.

The New Edition of Study Guide PRO

The New Edition of Study Guide PRO

March 22, 2010  |  2 Comments


The Study Guide PRO has been updated. As some of you might know, the study guide pro is an ebook that covers a wide range of topics dealing with higher education. You’ll learn

– How to concentrate
– Loads of new study techniques
– How to improve your test scores, read faster and much more

The new edition (third one) features a
a) completely new design (look below for pictures)
b) new material (especially on concentrating) and
c) new price. It’s now reduced from 15 USD to 9.95 USD.

Frontpage (click to enlarge)

Table of Contents 1/2 (click to enlarge)
Table of Contents 1/2

Table of Contents 2/2 (click to enlarge)
Table of Content 2/2

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Hurray For Our New Sections!

December 22, 2009  |  2 Comments

As some of you have noticed, we now feature a new page called “subjects”. I’ve planned to add a number of different educational topics (such as math, physics, chemistry, literature, social sciences etc) and list free educational videos, lectures, softwares and guides! 😀
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I am back

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As you might have noticed, I haven’t been around that much lately. Starting today, I plan to change that. You see, I’ve been a little busy at campus (it’s not always a smart idea to study more than the curriculum requires, that’s for sure ;)) and have thus not been able to update the site regularly. From now on, I plan to go back to the lovely old days where the blog was updated almost on a daily basis. Read More

What’s Been Going On?

February 13, 2008  |  2 Comments


Believe it or not, I’m still alive and present. I guess you, my respected readers are allowed to ask… “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE LAST 4 MONTHS?” Good question.

I’ve been busy working…

Working with this site and changing it, BIG time. Basically, this site will together with a group of talented programmers & web designers face an extreme makeover.

So what new features am I talking about?

– New stylish web 2.0 interface
– Dozens of new (and free) guides, articles and reports.
– Several video & audio lectures and screen casts revealing some top notch study techniques.
– Lots of new free tools to help you improve your study results
– Free Membership type site where you can track your results and how they’ve changed over time.
– Professional tutoring staff; get answers to your questions and get help with your exams, assignments etc
– Lots and lots of other things I really don’t want to reveal yet 🙂

It’s all going to be FREE, it will (hopefully) be sponsored by a few organizations that I can’t really name yet. Please, leave me suggestions for the new site if you have any. I am really looking forward to this (the deadline is around summertime, can’t be anymore specific).
Stay tune, and thans for all those who’ve sent me a message. Take care!

Should I Post On Weekends?

September 9, 2007  |  2 Comments

A very short and brief question today; do you think I should blog on Saturdays and Sundays or give you guys a rest on the weekends?

Personally, I enjoy reading blogs on weekends just as much as I do on weekdays but I’m not sure whether you feel the same. Thanks for stopping by and reading this, I really and truly appreciate your comments…

Just Wanted To Say Thanks!

September 2, 2007  |  No Comments

To be honest with you, I never really thought that this blog would come this far. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it guys (especially when you comment)!.

¤ Hundreds of new visitors come here every day.

¤ 1000+ have subscribed to my e-newsletter.

¤ The Study Guide Pro is on it’s way to become the most purchased study guide on the net.

Thank you guys!

Did I Forget About You?

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Howdy! Long time no see… Now before you verbally slaughter me for not making a post in a while, please take the time to hear my excuse. Here it goes

The reason that I haven’t made a single post in a while is because of YOU. Yes, you heard me right, although the previous statement might have sounded more irrational than Mr. Colbert himself, I am indeed serious.

“Why is that?” you ask. Well, I am planning to give my site – Study Habits – an extreme make over. I want to create a viral, community type web 2.0 site featuring lots and I mean lots of FREE & AMAZING stuff. Everything from videos showing you some almost lethal study tips to audios & interviews with top notch experts, study guides, tons of tools and lots of Free Software. In short, a cool looking, up to date study site to quench your thirst for education.

Please, if you have any suggestions for the “new site”, tell me, I would love to include any improvements you have to bring. Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail, thank you in advance! :mrgreen: You will love it, or at least I hope you will!