Soon to have your first day of college? Nothing to be afraid of, although it can be perceived as somewhat tantalizing at first, it will become easier once you get a hold of it.

Here’s a few advice & tips on tackling college & university studies.

Be mentally prepared

Don’t come to a knife battle with a gun… or was it the other way around? Either way, be prepared before you ever set foot on campus. Your mindset should be ready. Your attitude should be one soaked in vigilance. Make sure you take notes as much as possible during the first few days. Make a note of where you can find the library, the student office and all other relevant buildings.

Also, have a strong sense of purpose in your studies. Why are you giving up your time to attend lectures? Don’t enter into the game in a heedless state, have a game plan. Few students actually do.

Be physically prepared

Well, I’ve covered this earlier in a post entitled What to Bring To College. In short, what the post says is that you need to have in your possession all of the things that are necessary (the indispensables) as well as some other things that will embellish the college experience. Look into that as soon as possible. No need to start stressing out a week before the big date.

Become a learner, not a student

Being a student is kind of an occupation. You roam around campus doing what you’re told. The leach is your textbooks and the supervisors are your professors. This is how most students I know tend to view their academic institutions. It’s not a very helpful attitude. You are there to learn, to get information that is hopefully somewhat useful in life. This is how you ought to view this experience, with a proclivity towards learning. Education is a life long pursuit, your college days are merely one type of approach in relations to this journey.

In closing, be prepared to learn, understand what you are learning and go out and learn!