It’s about time we start a new series here, don’t you think? I receive a certain amount of questions in my inbox every now and then and I might as well answer the questions here. You can find my e-mail at the bottom of this post if you would like to send me a message or simply comment
Filip wrote me the following message:

” How to concentrate on my exams. There is always something more important than my studying. pls help”

Filip, like many of us you are suffering from lack of concentration. The good news is that it’s very easy to change direction. I would advice you to do the following:

1.) Use Task Lists

I’ve discussed this matter on this article entitled: to do lists. I recommend you read it first. I get a feeling that you don’t give appropriate time to different events in your life.

If spending time with family is very important to you, then that should be assigned an importance level of “1” (please read the post I linked to so you can follow along easier) while studying gets a slightly higher number.
Now assign all your activities that you have scheduled – you have to have a schedule, I recommend using Google Calendar – to a number depending on their importance. Once you’ve done that, you get to know what’s important and what is less important.

You can now use the classic to do lists where you put the most important tasks on the top of the lists and work yourself down.

2.) Time Is Vital

Ivan, it’s good to remember to always have a fixed time for all your affairs. Make sure you don’t develop a habit of forgetting how much time you have left to do a certain thing. To counter this, I recommend you to read this post I wrote a few days ago entitled: Day Planner Timer. A timer will enable you to be much more efficient in managing your time.

Do you see how all the techniques I talk about fit like a puzzle? When used together they make an excellent tactic to counter everything from procrastination to bad exam skills.

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