Respected reader, I am afraid I need to confess something to you… Hold your breath, here it comes: I am…

Very, very lazy! 🙂 I am sorry for disappointing all those who were expecting a much juicier confession… Anyhow, since it’s now known that I’m somewhat lazy I thought I should start a new blog series: “The Lazy Student’s Resources”. Basically, I am going to link out to free services that make studying much easier for all you lazy folks out there! 🙂
The first issue will be sent out tomorrow, so stay tune or as they say in Hollywood: To be continued… (BTW… Don’t you just hate it when a movie ends like that?)
In the meanwhile, please consider Subscribing to this Blog (even the most laziest man on earth would do it, if he had the energy to start the computer in the first place that is to say ;))

PS: I have not forgotten about the promise I made a few days ago. The post is actually finished already but I thought I would tweak it a little before releasing it to all my readers. Sayonara!