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As most of you around here already know, I am not the best speler speller there is. Despite this great shortcoming of mine, I still agree that knowing how to spell properly is a knowledge we all should posses. Here is a few points on correct spelling

1. Always Use A Spell checker… if possible

I don’t care how correct you think you can spell nor how many spelling bees you’ve won in elementary school, you still have to use some sort of a spell checker for all your important documents. The unfortunate thing is, there are always times when you can’t get your hands on neither a dictionary nor a spell checker. What on earth do you do then?

2. Write Down Everything!

I want you to imagine yourself writing something and you can’t recall how a certain word is spelled. What do you do? I would say, write down all the different spelling alternatives that you think could be correct. This should give you a list of maybe 2-4 different word shapes. Now, go through them one by one while reciting each word.

It’s important you read ever word out loud since this will give help you recognize the sound of the word with the way it is spelled.

3. Dig Your Well Before You Go Thirsty

You have to remember though, by writing a lot you become better on everything related to grammar. That’s why I think it’s a shame that we skim a lot when reading newspapers or blogs. Why the hurry, take the time to read it properly and you might learn a few new words as well.

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