Remember how we discussed time management skills yesterday? Well, I thought would tell you some dirty little tricks that will most likely enhance your managing of time. Are you ready to hear these juicy tips?

There is one ‘secret’ of time management that most people don’t know about. It’s fairly common that most of use mind maps, to do lists and other related tools to improve their efficiency but not many a men use the following device which I view as a secret weapon of , namely…

The Timer

Yes you heard me, a simple timer. Why would I need to talk so much about this obviously simple function which most cell phones, computers and similar electronic devices have installed in them? Well, because it will simply help you form and manage your deadline.

Think about it for a moment, if you want to finish your homework or prepare for an exam and you only have 1 hour on you; don’t you think having a timer next to you will put more pressure on you? It sure will, seeing each minute as it disappears will literally force you to produce results.

Secondly, remember to actually lay down the pen when you hear that alarm going off (just a simple alarming sound without music, this works best). It’s important that you take some rest from your studies.

I often get my ideas not when I’m strictly focusing on a subject but later on when I’m contemplating it from another more subtle context such as when taking a walk. This is how you can plan your day with a timer.

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