Some of you, especially my respected subscribers might have noticed the lack of posts recently. This is due to the fact that I’m currently studying pretty much day and night for this very important exam. I’ve even tried to seclude my self from using a computer or being online (since you can read this I guess I failed …)

So when will I start posting quality stuff again? On the first of April (the date is just a coincidence by the way).

Since I won’t be able to post that much I thought I might touch a little on the noteworthy posts and articles from previous days. Here is a little neat list:

Top 3 Articles

1. How to format a to do list – This is one of my fav articles, if you follow this and your still unorganized then I’m not sure what could help.

2. 10 effective way to improve speeches – For those of you who are in to speaking in public.

3. Note taking success – This article goes through the Cornell note taking system, a system that I strongly recommend.

Top 3 Blog Posts

1. How to live more, not longer! – I really liked this post, gives you a feeling of how you dispose your time.

2. Catch up with Speed Readers – This is the most popular post yet to be published. Hope you enjoy it to!

3. Never forget an assignment again! – Learn this art by following the 3 steps described.

Hope you appreciated it, do not forget to subscribe to this blog before leaving!