You might be one of the biggest obstacles in your way to study success! How can this be the case? Well, first of all let us all admit that we are lazy and hate studying (ok maybe not all of us:)). Now if this is true, are there any ways to make the studying more delightful and less painful. I say both yes and no, here is why:


Well, you can start out by choosing something that interest you (believe it or not, lots of people are studying subjects they hate) and then go with that. The only problem is that studying sometimes becomes an obstacle to what you intended in the first place. A student might be an altruistic person who thinks of others and thus wants to be a doctor.

Although later on this same student might find him/herself sinking into his/her studies in such a deep way that they even forget why they were studying in the first place! This is a very common trap to fall into, always be sure to stack out your goals before you proceed to something else!


I guess, this is the more pessimistic side of me arguing that studying doesn’t necessarily need to be fun. It’s just something you do in order to achieve a goal, or as Nike says: “Just do it!”. This demands 1) Patience 2) Self-discipline. You have to be assured that no matter how high that mountain is you can still climb it! Print out this following note and put it up on your bedroom wall: