Summer is here and that means that all those disgusting insects are rejoicing, I hate them. Having that said, (I am way too creepy by the way…)

I am glad to announce that this blog is re-opening with lots of great content, tools, downloads and other freebies! Some happy dude

I’ve been busy the past two weeks but from now on I am free (at least for three entire months!), I now have lots of time to deliver:

Quality Posts

Yup, believe it or not, I am actually rolling up my sleeves and getting serious from now on. I promise you that I won’t show you any bullshit bad posts because I want to assure you that each and every time you visit this blog, you are going to find some quality stuff.

Discover how to memorize tons of information in no time, how to write perfect exams, free downloads and much more.

More posts

I will from now on try to write at least two entries everyday, in the morning and in the afternoon. So stay tune, this party is starting tomorrow morning.

Have a nice day, from Adam / Somewhere in the dungeons of Sweden.

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