Howdy! Feels great to be back on the old computer again. Today, I wanted to speak about an important subject.

I’ve ranted about education a lot these days but today I want to move away from being the nasty guy who complaints about everything and become the dude with the solutions.

Let’s be frank here

If you are truly serious, and I believe you to be, about improving your study results there are currently 3 different options you can take:

1. Take An Elearning Course

I think it’s safe to say that you normally use the internet for a lot of different things. If so be the case, then you might consider signing up to an elearning course.

Prons: There are many different options to choise from with different subjects. Offers a certain amount of flexibility.

Cons: Very expensive! This option is for you only if you are willing to give up a few hundred dollors each month, for me that’s not an option.

2. Get Yourself A Tutor

If you are already studying at a university you can always ask around about tutoring possibilities. Some colleges lack proper tutoring while others charge a lot, it’s really a matter of where you study.

Pros: You get your own personal teacher helping you out with all your needs.

Cons: Even more expensive! To get a professional tutor these days is not only expensive but you can also end up with a bad teacher and find yourself stuck. Now you don’t learn anything and you have no dough to buy icecream to comfort yourself. (Come on… I know you like to do that.)

3. The Study Guide PRO

A good study guide should cover the basics as well as to teach you the best information there is about your particular subject. As most of you all know, I’ve written a study guide about secret study techniques and skills and on how you can get top results on your exams and get awesome grades.

Pros: You get a pile of good information on everything you need relating to successful studying.
Cons: Nothing bad about it really although this option is not for those who can’t ‘control’ themselves. If you can manage your own affairs, then this is for you!