Nobel Prize Winner Reveal 6 Words That Eliminate Writers Block!

May 19, 2007  |  Writing Tips

I’ve written on writers block a lot lately but thats only because I think the matter needs attention. So what are the six words that eliminate writers block almost instantly? First of all, let me introduce the man who came up with this neat little formula…

His name is Rudyard Kipling, and he is regarded as one of the main innovators in the art of the short story. He wrote this powerful, yet concise poem describing the 6 amazing words:

“I keep six faithful serving men
Who teach me well and true
Their names are What and Where and When
And How and Why and Who.”
If you ever get stuck while writing, always think of those 6 words:

¤ What: What am I writing about? What will be included? What type of content is relevant and so forth.

¤ Where: Where does this take place? Where can I collect the information needed and so forth

¤ When: When does it take place? When will I be finished and so forth…

¤ How: How did this happen? How can I collect more information on the subject and so forth…

¤ Why: Why did this happen? Why should I have to do it in this manner, can’t I do it in this matter instead?…

¤ Who: Who was responsible for this? Who can I talk to in order to get more info and so forth…

Can you see how profound these words are? By the way, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog before you leave! I would so miss you if you just left ^^

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