Some people do it, others do not. I’ve always wondered if bringing some snacks to the exam is more helpful than it is hurtful. Although I’m not entirely convinced to either side (yet) here’s my simple analysis of the problem (feel free give your own opinion in the comments).

As far as I’m concerned, bringing fruit & snacks to the exam has both positive as well as negative consequences. The obvious pros are.


  • Gives you energy. If you’re energized you can think more clearly, that’s why eating small amounts of sugar results in a energy rush.
  • The act of chewing itself can be beneficial. When we chew we are quite literally forcing our brain to be awake since the act itself requires the jaws to move.
  • Eating is good. We all know that. The reason that I feel so ambivalent on this issue has to do with the following.


  • Sometimes sugar gives the opposite effect. Ever eaten too many chocolate bars? Then you know how it feels to be overly stimulated by carbohydrates, you may even start dozing off in the middle of the exam!
  • There’s also the risk of getting preoccupied with the food instead of focusing on the exam.

    In the end, I believe this is a decision that should be taken with great care. If you know that you eat way too much while taking the exam, perhaps you should consider discarding the food and bringing only water instead (bringing liquids is always a plus). I