In some people minds; yes. The reality is of course the opposite, food may be vital for your survival but it is not vital for your success. Why have I decided to rant about this today? Well for starters, I am sick and tired of people claiming that eating breakfast will solve every problem on earth.

Yes, I agree with the fact that it’s important to eat breakfast (but not nearly as important as food nutritionists claim) but it does not determine whether or not you pass the exam or not. It’s easy to get stuck in these types of details (type of food, amount of sleep etc) but the important aspect is really your knowledge. Have you studied seriously or are you still looking for that special recipe for success that only needs a push of a button?

Let me destroy this dream for you; there is no such thing. Study demands hard work and patience, if you lack one of these you are really fooling yourself. Having said that, I apologize for being somewhat stern today. You see, I was supposed to eat the most cake of all times, but something got in the way…

Maybe some other time, well that’s all for today. I am still planning the huge project I spoke about earlier, I will let you in on some of the details later on. Until then, sayonara!