Howdy! Long time no see… Now before you verbally slaughter me for not making a post in a while, please take the time to hear my excuse. Here it goes

The reason that I haven’t made a single post in a while is because of YOU. Yes, you heard me right, although the previous statement might have sounded more irrational than Mr. Colbert himself, I am indeed serious.

“Why is that?” you ask. Well, I am planning to give my site – Study Habits – an extreme make over. I want to create a viral, community type web 2.0 site featuring lots and I mean lots of FREE & AMAZING stuff. Everything from videos showing you some almost lethal study tips to audios & interviews with top notch experts, study guides, tons of tools and lots of Free Software. In short, a cool looking, up to date study site to quench your thirst for education.

Please, if you have any suggestions for the “new site”, tell me, I would love to include any improvements you have to bring. Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail, thank you in advance! :mrgreen: You will love it, or at least I hope you will!