The Google Calculator, unlike what people think, is a quite powerful calculator! It’s almost a shame that only geeks like my self tend to use it :roll:. That’s why I thought that I should give you some basic and advanced guidelines on how to use this online calculator.
In section (1) I list the commands and their functions while in section (2) you will find some examples. Finally in section (3) I will show you some really cool operators. 🙂

1a) Basic Commands

Addition: +
Multiplication: *
Division: /
Exponentiation: ^
Calculate Percentage: % of

1b) Advanced Commands

Square root: sqrt(number)
Calculate Root: the nth root of [number]
sin, cos etc: trig function(number in radians)
lg: log(number)
Factorial: !

2) Examples

¤ 10% of 100
¤ 5^2
¤ 3th root of 27
¤ 5!
¤ sin(0)
I think you get the picture…

3) Goodies

¤ You can force the calculator to evaluate an expression if possible by simply using the equal sign = (Mathematical errors can of course not be applied such dividing by zero).

¤ With the in operator you can convert a certain unit to another. I use this all the time when faced with “weird” American units like inch and yards (??? ;)), shame on for not giving their information in SI-units. For instance if you want to know how many meters 20 yards equals you write: 20 yards in meters. Cool, heh?

¤ Google Calculator can understand a lot of the different mathematical constants out there, you can chose to write c or “speed of light”, both work. I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any tips of your own, please share it with us 😉

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