Sometimes it’s easy to forget why we choose to study in the first place. You wanted to learn more about your particular subject because you found it to be interesting and captivating, perhaps may I say, even fun.

Don’t forget that feeling. The feeling you had when you were first introduced to your subject. It’s quite easy to be overwhelmed with your studies and forgetting to have fun, that’s why I would advise you to, every so often, take a minute and just read “something interesting” about your subject. And by interesting I mean something that could be enjoyed by the general public and not only by people within your field (leaving the course material to the side).

Another great way to enjoy your subject is by practicing it. Sure you can’t start building bridges before you have that engineering degree or cut into peoples hearts before a couple of years of med school but you can make up fictional problems and try to solve them yourself (for instance in the case of the engineer, you could start a project to build a miniature bridge in your basement). No matter what you’re studying, there’s always some way you could either test your knowledge or put it to good use.

In summary, sure studying isn’t always fun but it shouldn’t always be boring either.