Yes, you heard me right, this is a guide to help you avoid cheating in college. According to a survey conducted by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, as much as 60% of students cheat on tests! The article further claims that athletes are more inclined to cheating (O’ Rly!) than other students. Anyhow, here is how to avoid cheating in two easy steps.

Avoid cheaters

Who you socialize with on your personal time is up to you, although I do recommend you to avoid cheaters in time of exams. By helping them, you’re not really helping them, rather the opposite. They learn nothing and you put your grades at stake, it’s not worth it!

Avoid yourself

Don’t listen to the little voice telling you to cheat, although it might seem as the simple way out it’s really not. Studying has a certain sweet taste, I believe it’s called dignity.

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