I’ve noticed it takes me a lot more time to get a blog post written these days, why? I’m not as efficient as I should be so I thought I might share my experiences on this issue today.

Do you want to be more efficient? If yes, then please take the time to read the following tips on how to be more efficient. If no, then close this website and never ever come back! (please don’t, I would so miss you)

Efficiency without Effectiveness?

Before we can continue on this subject we have to first understand the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. The best explanation I’ve read about this so far comes from a copywriter named Gary Halbert, he wrote;

I was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia which is located on the east side of the Ohio River. Parkersburg is about 30-miles south from Marietta, Ohio. Marietta is on the west side of the Ohio River. Got all that?

Good. Let’s pretend there are two guys who want to get to Marietta, Ohio. They are in a canoe paddling very efficiently… except… they are in the Mississippi River (not the Ohio River). Let’s say they have their canoing down pat. They’ve learned to use a perfect J-stroke. They get the maximum forward movement from each ounce of expended physical effort.

Now let’s take two other guys who are paddling their canoe north on the Ohio River leaving Parkersburg. They likewise want to get to Marietta. These guys are really lousy canoers. In fact, they don’t even have paddles. One guy is paddling with his shoes while the other guy is paddling with his bare hands.

Can you guess who is going to reach their goal, the city of Marietta?

It is NOT those super-efficient guys. They are in the wrong river. And no matter how efficient they travel on the Mississippi River, they cannot get to Marietta, Ohio. Simply because Marietta is not located on the Mississippi River.

You can be efficient but without being effective, in order to make the most out of your efforts, make sure you are paddling on the correct path!

Notice repeating patterns

Spend some time thinking about how you get things done. Do you spend hours reading your e-mail and sending IM to your friends? If so, correct that mistake and don’t ever look back! You have to see your weaknesses (and acknowledge them) before you can act. Sounds pretty reasonable, don’t ya think?

These were just a few scattered thoughts, please feel free to add your own ideas by commenting.

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