Everyone wants to become a good reader, in this guide you’ll learn exactly how to become a better reader. The path towards improving ones reading skills isn’t always easy. However once you’ve managed to improve your reading you’ll be much more effective. In this article I will touch on some of the core elements of becoming an avid reader. Let your old reading habits be a part of history! Starting today, it’s the beginning of a new reading era.

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  1. What is ‘better’?

    To begin with you need to define what you mean by becoming a better reader. Being a better reader could mean a lot of things so it’s good if we try to define it more explicitly. By becoming a better a reader is your primary goal to:
    a) Read faster b) Understand more or c) Both

    By defining your goals in the beginning you’ll know what you’re aiming for.

  2. Read frequently

    The most obvious way of improve ones reading capabilities is to read a lot more. The more you read, the better reader you become. In this regard I’d recommend you to not only read a lot but also to read frequently. If you haven’t done so already, make a schedule for reading where you mention the amount of time you’ve set aside for reading every day. Be sure to keep yourself accountable. You don’t want to lag behind and start missing your reading sessions. If you want to become a better reader you need to have discipline. Below you can see an example of an reading schedule.

    Daily Reading Session

    DayName of BookPage number
    1Name of book44
    2Name of book67
    3Name of book95
    4Name of book140
    5Name of book169
    6Name of book210
    7Name of book275
  3. Always look up new words

    If you’re reading a book and you stumble upon a new word you haven’t seen before it’s a great opportunity to learn that word. You can make your own glossary where you write in the new words along with their definition. This is a great way to get the most out of each reading session. If the author uses a lot of complicated words you may consider collecting them at the end of the reading session so you don’t interrupt the reading flow. The table below shows you how a typical glossary is constructed. I can make this available for free download as well, once again just leave a comment below if you’re interested.

    Glossary of Terms

    WordDefinitionOccurred on page
    Word #1Name of book12
    Word #2Name of book41
    Word #3Name of book45
    Word #4Name of book140
    Word #5Name of book146
    Word #6Name of book155
    Word #7Name of book167
  4. Stay in touch

    Don’t forget to stay in touch with this website! I have a lot of exciting reading applications that are in the making. Be sure to subscribe below and leave a comment. Until next time, have a great day!


PS: I’m currently considering whether or not I’ll include a guide on children and reading, if there’s an interest I’ll try to include it in the upcoming reading app.