It’s pretty common today to hear instructors talk about the acts that will lead to success in ones studies but rarely do they discuss the factors that lead to ones failure. Failure is -like success- important to analyze in order to know what what we should be cautious about, ie simply the learn thy enemy principle.

Here is what I believe to be 2 of the most common (I believe) reasons people fail a class (in no particular order):

Bad study habits

This site isn’t called for nothing, your habits and customs tell a lot about your personality. Do you really put in time and effort into your studies or do you wait for the information to come by it self?

The good student forces him/her self to study! Don’t be afraid to ask when your unsure, the Chinese say: “Asking and being rendered as ignorant is better than not asking and remaining ignorant”

Not being organized

This is deeply related to study habits but a little different. You can read more about being organized here. While your at it, be sure to check out this article on note taking.