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It’s been a while since we did this series, hasn’t it? On day 4 we will examine how a writer can find inspiration. It’s funny how I decided to write about this subject by the way. You see, I was pondering on this issue (what I should write about) so I decided I might as well look into how I could find inspiration to write this blog…

So I decided to writer about finding what I was searching for in the first place. Weird.

How To Find Inspiration

Anyway, finding inspiration for writing is not only experienced by those who write fiction such as poetry, novels etc but it could also face those write scientific literature & research papers.

I am not talking about writers block which is a closely related problem that I’ve been discussing here: How To Overcome Writers Block, but I’m talking about the total lack of inspiration or an “inspiration block” if you would like.

The funny thing is, the most random piece of information can remove this inspirational block so it’s very difficult to find methods to get inspiration. I would thus say that if you are looking for inspiration, then try to remember how you found inspiration the last time you wrote this article/paper or what ever.

How did you do it, did you take a walk for instance?

When you’ve done that, then try to apply that same method for all your other works if the method in question is good & ethical of course. Do you have any suggestions on how to get inspiration? Please feel free to share by commenting.

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