Hello, how’s it going? I thought I might talk about an interesting issue today, namely, foreign languages. Why on earth would you need to learn a foreign language? Well for starters, the more languages you know the greater your perspective will be.

You can understand different people and cultures more efficiently and this may even open up some new opportunities in the future. So, what is the best way to learn a new language? Here is how I would do it:

1. Grammar is necessary but not all

I’m afraid it’s an all too common mistake to spend too much time on grammar. This is not to say that grammar isn’t important, because it is. I’m just saying that you should not be obsessed with it. You should always try to learn the most vital parts first and more importantly; be very vigilant about patterns.

The more you study a language, the more you will come to notice all the different patterns. Just think about how the native population learned their language in the first place. Most of them can speak the language without ever having the need to study grammar. Why is that? Well, since their language is so deeply rooted in their lives and they’ve learned all the different patterns they really don’t really need to “study grammar”.

2. Always recite!

Recitation is the art of reading out something loud, whether that be a poet who is reciting poetry, a teacher who is narrating a story or a muslim who’s reciting the Koran. Why would we need to read out loud when learning a new language? Firstly, because studies have shown that you learn words faster this way than if you would read them quietly and secondly, your pronunciation of words will sound much more natural if you recite them.

3. Memorization is key

I know, this may be the most boring part but I believe it’s the most important one. You have to try to learn a fix amount of new words each day or week. Without a strong and solid vocabulary, I’m afraid you will never learn the language properly. There are no real secrets here but you might want to check out this post earlier entitled: How to memorize fast.

I would also recommend you to begin by learning all the prepositions, question words, a few adjectives, and some nouns. These are really the pillars of any language; through words like these you can understand most sentences, even though the sentence may have a few words you can’t comprehend, simply through context.

4. Resources = Very Important

Make sure you have a lot of different resources to assist you in this struggle. There are three things you can do here;

1. Subscribe To This Blog. This will notify you of any future entries, some of which include language tips such as this post.

2. Language Tools. You can check the page where I’ve collected some free language software just for you.

3. Study Guide. This one is not free but it’s by far my best work on how to boost your learning skills. Check it out!