This is a post about the art of living more and not longer since the latter is not in our control at all (regardless of what any biased health nutritionist may claim). Do you want to know what it implies to live more?

  • You get more things done in less time
  • You can live life more; 10, 20 or even 30 years which would otherwise be in vain.
  • How is this possible?

    1. Understanding the GLV

    In our lives we strive to organize all of our activities in different schedules. Do this today and that tomorrow etc. Well what if you could optimize your life in a way that would exclude the part of your life that is getting a to big portion than they deserve? This is in an essence the meaning of GLV (a term I coined up which stands for Gained Life Value)

    2. Revealing the secret. This is how you really spend your life!

    The chart below shows how much time we give to perhaps the 3 biggest time consumers , this through out a persons life (in this example we will use someone who lived to the age of 70).

    [Click to enlarge]

    3. Explanation

    Please note that these numbers are general and your particular situation may be different. According to my table here you could save 12.5 years, that a lot of time! How is this possible?

    For instance, lets say you decide to sleep 2 hours less each night (don’t come and claim that 6 hours sleep per day will hurt you, that’s nonsense), this will result in saving you 5 years if done continually in a span of 60 years (I started the countdown from the age of 20, babies don’t watch tv nor do they read).

    Likewise, by learning how to read faster you could easily learn how to read twice as fast as you do now, hence save your self 2.5 years to do something useful (or read more, what do I know?). The same can be said about watching television, watch 2 hours less and you will save 5 years in the long run.

    Now you know how to optimize your life, no more nagging about how you can’t find time to do things. You are only fooling yourself! (Howdy! Don’t forget to sign up for my FREE Newsletter and start receiving the most “lethal” study techniques known to man…)