We negotiate on a daily basis. Sometimes with our friends and family and other times with those who have some kind of authority over us (like a boss or teacher etc). In each case we need some kind of secret psychological weapon to win these negotiations and this is what we are going to discuss today 🙂

1. Know thy Enemy

The first advice is to actually know who you’re negotiating with. Is he/she of a soft lenient type or of the tough personality, craving for respect and dignity. Some tactics only work an a certain type of people, hence this type of information is indispensable in order to win the deal.

2. Never give the impression of uncertainty

Be sure and firm in your decisions, do not let the other part see that you’re doubting or hesitating. This is not to say that you never should change an opinion, if the other offer seems more correct that’s the way to go, just make sure you stand by that.

3. The SECRET of negotiations

Always start with a higher bid! You have no idea what type of effect that has on a deal. For instance let us say that you are negotiating for a higher salary. You get 20$ per hour and want to raise that to 25$, what do you do? First of all, never start out by asking for 25$ instead start out by asking your boss for something much higher (a bid he most likely won’t accept) let’s say 45$. Your boss refused to accept such a proposal and now you want to “come up” with a more moderate proposal instead, so you say:

“Well… If that was too much to ask for, how about giving me only a 5$ raise instead.” Now your boss feels somewhat relieved, the second offer sounds well more pleasing. Now you have a chance of making it.

4. Name the benefits

Kindness doesn’t always work sometimes you might need to offer your boss strong incitements for him to accept your proposal. Therefor be sure to make up a good list of at least 5 strong points on why you deserve a raise. When you are finished writing these down make sure someone else revises the list, you need some feedback on whether it sounds to naive or if it might be able to convince the guy. This is the true power and skill of negotiating 😉
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