I talked about this issue in my 10 Days – Become A Better Writer Series but I thought I would mention a cool tip I heard from a copywriter a few days ago. What’s really stopping you from writing is the movement it self and not the lack of ideas. This means that, as long as you keep on moving that pen (or keep on pressing those keys) you won’t (hopefully) face any writers block! For instance, you might start out your story in this manner:

“I had just opened the door when suddenly yada yada so someone called yadayda” The yada yada represents the block, instead of just stopping completely just try writing down yada yada instead. You are writing a draft anyway, nothing says it has to be perfect so who cares how it looks now. It is the end results that matters anyway, right? 😉 When you are finished, just go back and revise it… Click Here To Subscribe To This yada yada Blog 😉