Passing English isn’t really that difficult. Like all language studies you need to stay focused and be as effective as possible. The following are just a few advice on how to pass a subject such as English.

1. Read a lot

If you want to grasp English and understand all idiomatic expressions as well as its grammar and internal logic you’ll need to immerse yourself into its literature. The more you read the more you’ll comprehend. Don’t limit yourself to books that you feel are on “your level” but go beyond this and try to get a hold of more advanced reading material every now and then. This enables you to advance and learn new ways to express yourself and form sentences. Unlike many other subjects, language studies take time to settle in. Don’t try to rush it, learn it at your own speed.

2. Communicate often

Whether it be through speech or through writing you need to practice your English. If you’re new to the language you shouldn’t be afraid of committing mistakes, we all make them and you’ll learn a lot through your mistakes. If you however are already an English speaker you need to try to express yourself in new ways. Don’t hesitate to throw in a couple of new words when talking to your friends.

3. The two P’s

In order to pass English you need to practice a lot and you need to do this over an extended period of time. In short, you need two important skills in order to pass, namely perseverance and participation. Being involved and having patience is the secret recipe.