Do you find it hard sometimes to write the first paragraph of an article (or any other kind of writing)? If yes, do not despair, many people suffer from the same problem (including me) but there is a remedy! Here are 3 effective ways to start off any type writing:

1. Controversy Is A Powerful Weapon

Being controversial could be a great way to start off a work but it could sometimes kill your content, so use it cautiously. People love to either agree or argue with you, this makes your content feel more vivid and living.

Take for instance my post on the American Metric System, this entry is by far the most commented entry on the entire blog (although other entries have had more views). Why? Because it made people either agree or disagree with me, you can never please everyone!

2. Do You Ask Questions?

By asking your readers a question you are in a away “grabbing them by the eyeballs” and almost forcing them to read the rest of your content. Did you notice how I started out this post? 😉

3. Tell A (Useful) Story

Everybody has a story to tell, so if you have a story that’s relevant and there is good point to be extracted from it, why not mention it? We all love to hear good stories, but make sure the story isn’t fabricated. Nobody wants to be fooled! This is all for today, make sure to subscribe to this blog.