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What exactly is SQRW? Well, it’s a study method where you get the best out of textbook study. It’s a 4-step strategy and each letter denotes one step so let’s go through it and see how it could make your study life a little bit easier!

What does it stand for?

Blue Arrow S stands for Survey: That is what you need to do with each chapter in your textbook. Survey the title, the pictures, the graphs, maps or tables if any, the introduction, summary and conclusion.This will give you an overall grasp of what the chapter is about.

Blue Arrow Q stands for Question: Ask questions in your mind and you’ll find you stay focused when reading and it also makes for better remembering. Don’t question the summary, introduction or conclusion – do it with everything else. Ask why, who, where, when, what and how!

Blue Arrow R stands for Read: So read to understand, read to answer the questions in your mind and read to remember.As you answer each question, make sure you stay focused on the subject.

Blue Arrow W stands for Write: That’s what you’ve got to do in your book. Write each question and answer down and read through it carefully. Voila you’re ready to participate in your class discussions

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