One of the most common ills of the modern student is the inability to stay focused on ones goals. We tend to draft away from our specific objectives and loose track of not only time but ourselves in the process. Are you sick and tired of this? Well this is how you alleviate the problem:

Before you decide to take another course or you pick what type of degree you wish to pursue you must be sure of two things:

a) The quality of your intention
b) The work needed to succeed

If you know the WHY of your studies you won’t have any troubles of the HOW of your studies. Just make sure you have a solid intention for what you’re about to do. Secondly, you have to map out the specific work needed to succeed in that particular endeavor.

Once you’ve done this, the importance lies in constantly following up on your work. How much progress have you made, how much more do you need to study to pass that exam or get into that course. Always try to give a quantitative estimate of your proceedings. This will make it easier for you to know how much you’ve done, when you did it and how much’s left.

In conclusion, judge yourself before you’re judged by your teacher!