Finding motivation, especially study motivation, is not always easy. However, with a little effort we can learn how to increase our motivation. Here are a couple of ways of doing it:

1. Offer Your Self Incentives

Yes, you should give yourself a prize or some sort of reward when you’ve accomplished a task. It could be something as simple as sweets or something greater like a vacation.

Remember, you have to stipulate the exact conditions that you need to fulfill in order to receive the wonderful cake (I am sorry if I’m rambling about the cake, it is just that the picture made me lose my concentration 😉 …)

2. Remember Past Successes

You need to form a positive image in your brain about your studies. I am sure all of us have succeeded on several occasions, remember these past successes and you will feel more motivated to continue!

3. Write Down Your Goals

Don’t just think them, don’t just say them, write them down! The written word is so powerful, that’s why you find salesmen always want you to write something done before you actually make a purchase. By writing your name down, you are in a sense giving your support for their cause. If then asked to make a purchase you will feel more inclined to do that than if you hadn’t signed the paper!

4. See Your Goals (literally speaking…)

Don’t just write them down and leave it like that. Put them up on the wall, paste small post-it notes all over the place. You have to keep on reminding yourself the purpose behind your studies and what type of results you’re expecting to achieve.

That’s it, now I have to go out and buy my self some danish. 🙂 Don’t forget To Subscribe To This Blog 🙂