4 Ways To Improve Your Study Motivation

May 1, 2007  |  Self-Improvement

Finding motivation, especially study motivation, is not always easy. However, with a little effort we can learn how to increase our motivation. Here are a couple of ways of doing it:

1. Offer Your Self Incentives

Yes, you should give yourself a prize or some sort of reward when you’ve accomplished a task. It could be something as simple as sweets or something greater like a vacation.

Remember, you have to stipulate the exact conditions that you need to fulfill in order to receive the wonderful cake (I am sorry if I’m rambling about the cake, it is just that the picture made me lose my concentration 😉 …)

2. Remember Past Successes

You need to form a positive image in your brain about your studies. I am sure all of us have succeeded on several occasions, remember these past successes and you will feel more motivated to continue!

3. Write Down Your Goals

Don’t just think them, don’t just say them, write them down! The written word is so powerful, that’s why you find salesmen always want you to write something done before you actually make a purchase. By writing your name down, you are in a sense giving your support for their cause. If then asked to make a purchase you will feel more inclined to do that than if you hadn’t signed the paper!

4. See Your Goals (literally speaking…)

Don’t just write them down and leave it like that. Put them up on the wall, paste small post-it notes all over the place. You have to keep on reminding yourself the purpose behind your studies and what type of results you’re expecting to achieve.

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ABDERISAK ADAM is an author, blog writer and a PhD candidate in the institution of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. He is also the owner and webmaster of www.study-habits.com, a website dedicated to the discussion of study techniques in the context of higher education. Adam is the author of a number of publications including 'The Study Guide PRO'. You can connect with him through Google+, Linkedin or by submitting a form.


  1. I have lack of interest on my studies my parents and my teachers force me to study well .

  2. Thanks for the tips. Good & cute!!!

  3. Studying helps you improve your status. It’s for personal enlightenment so do not give up trying. Start by learning one page at a time. Good luck

  4. I have lack of interest in studies.

  5. yea always havin concentration probs sit to study but other stuff always comes in the middle

  6. ahm.. its your life right… studying is not that boring if you gonna like it.. well why dont you try it.. not because of forcing by your parents or teacher but for your own sake… for your own future… its fun.. youll see.

  7. i have a problem with concentration, at times i make small mistakes ie looking at the wrong name, writing down the wrong time, and dates, not realizing that i hae forgeten to do a task,Is it concentration, carelessness, at times if i am reading i don’t want to spend the time to read the entire body of a statement if just want to get to the end. I also have a problem with understanding comprehension what is being read or understanding how a person understood what was being said in a short cut version.

  8. Interest usually follows passion. Always remind yourself why you’re studying, what do you want to do with this knowledge? How do you want to change your life and maybe the life of others? Ones you answers those questions, you’re appetite will return. 😀

  9. I heard about some scholars those who were not wasting their time. They used to study every time but i used to study before the exam only. I couldnt bring interest in studying. I have aim but i am not trying for that, i dont have answer for that. Once i was studying but continuously i couldn’t sit with interest. In watching movies and playing games i am wasting my lot of time, i know that i am wasting my time by automatically involving in that.

    I tried the above mentioned steps.

  10. “Start by learning one page at a time” That’s really good advice. A lot of times, students feel daunted when they first take a look at their textbooks. In reality, it’s not that difficult as long as you digest it, one page a time.

  11. I know that feeling :). It’s really not that difficult, you have to stop making excuses that’s all. Studying really doesn’t demand that much time from your schedule, an hour a day usually. The problem is that a lot of students don’t study regularly, instead they procrastinate and study right before the exam. It never works.

  12. Teresa, you can always work on improving your level of focus. It may seem difficult some times but the more you actively ‘force’ yourself to stay focused the easier you will become focused. For instance, I’m sure you’re pretty focused when your favorite TV show is on, right? We tend to stay focused when important things are said, you have to change your mindset towards your education so it becomes just as important (if not more so) than your favorite show.

  13. Salaamu aleykum Ilyas, 🙂

    First of all, I would tell you the same thing I told Teresa (see that comment). The reason why those scholars you mentioned studied so intense was because of the love they had towards what they were studying. Surely, once you understand the benefits of your studies you will become more focused (obviously some types of studies are more important than others).

  14. Why do they have to force you? Answer that question and you will no longer need to be forced.

  15. Thanks! People don’t usually call my comments cute 🙂

  16. thank you for boosting me and can u send me sum more such ideas how to increase my motivation to words studies plzzzz……………..

  17. No problem! I’m working on a guide covering precisely this topic. Check back in a few weeks or so and you’ll see what I mean 😉

  18. I used to be really motivated. I’d “eat my books” is what my mom would say. i was a book worm and really enjoyed learning things. I took great joy in sharing what i knew with others too. this was a few years ago when i was studying in the britsih system which is supposedly much harder then the canadaian/american one. i attended an all girls school and everyone was really competitive. i used to love competition and i would intimidate many of my classmates ( i did not do this intentionally…it was just very obvious. now i am the one who is intimidated. my self confidence dropped incredibly. i am at avery reputatable highschool with some of the brightest kids. when i first moved i felt so confident but now i changed. i feel intellectually inferior but i know im not. i am my biggest enemy and i want to change. i know im smart but i tell myself im not.

    its complicated and stupid and i dont know what to do.


  19. My name is martenia I have recently started going to school at a later age in life, and it has been so hard for me I feel like I’am playing catch up with everybody else in school, and sometimes I want to quit and give up. I don’t feel smart either, college is very challenging to me I have never succeeded at anything in my life,but making bad choices early on. I want a better life now for me and my children, and learnig how to sit down, and stay focused on my studies is hard for me. I just read all of the questions and answers they really help me to understand and to take a better look at just why am i going to college, and for what purpose really, talk about intimidated I’m sitting in the classroom with young people who are not even half my age, and they know more than I do and I do not feel real smart not at all. so please don’t give up no matter how intimidated you may be, you really can’t run everytime you feel intimidated now can you? trust me this is not the first time your going to be intimidated and it won’t be the last. If i can keep on going anyway guest what? I know that you can too.

  20. hi samy
    i wil tel u only one thing
    b positive word is there in dictionary

  21. Ok may I ask j am a boy 15 years old and I want to become a doctor I am Becoming a freshman I am really scared and I want to boost my way of studying alot I study useing the scourses provided including the Internet but now I am trying to k ow a possible way to become more I want to look my self as studying in the morning and studying late at night up to 1 in the morning the thing is I want that fire to BURN in my heart when I study I want to love it but idk how I would love your help if I don’t reply back to this message ASAP then here rafehwaheed@yahoo.com so I would just ask what way is there to study with your heart plz tell me

  22. The fire comes ones you’ve put fuel on it.

    You see, it may seem a little difficult in the beginning when you still haven’t acquired much knowledge in your area but ones you do start to dwell seriously in into the field of medicine you’ll start to enjoy it. You’ll then be able to understand concepts, discuss and debate topics with your friends & colleagues. The knowledge however doesn’t come free of charge, you have to invest your time and some effort to attain it.

    If you wish to stay inspired think of all the things you wish to achieve with your studies, having the greater picture in mind helps you at times when you need to deal with the “smaller pictures”.

  23. hello . i love ur answers .dey r damn gud. i have to score in 90ties as ma father n ma wish also. bt i usually waste ma tym in listening songs ,dancing, n ol stuff. im so so so so lazy .i cnt help it.. i sleep more n more. dere e 6 months left in ma boards. n weneva m going 2 study sumbody cal me n say sumthng n i foeget ma study i get busy in dat work.n i have scored 60 % marks in 10th so most ppl says dat i vil not get 90 % marks in ma 12th cus i had 60% marks in 10th..it hurts .normally i take ma interest towards study weneva i study..bt dat interest remains for a while.i just dream dat i vil get 90% marks then i vil have this n dat . bt i just dream i dnt study. help me out plz

  24. Stop dreaming, start working. The Chinese have a saying; “The one who lives in his dreams spends his whole life in sleep”. If you keep dreaming and wasting time you’ll wake up someday noticing how much time have gone by and how little has been done. In general, if something is good there’s no reason to postpone it.

  25. now i am studying bachelor but i think i have made a mistake. now i feel so down and give up in my study. i am not enjoy study now because my lecturer are so straight and make me stress. i never feel like this before. i always think that i want to quit my study but my family will not agree with that. please help me. i also want to success in my life like others too….

  26. I can see that you are in a tough situation indeed. What you need to do in such a predicament is to avoid making any hasty decisions without considering ALL the possible consequences. Your family’s input could be of help here and doesn’t necessarily have to be discarded unless there are strong reasons to do so.

    I don’t know your particular situation so I can’t and won’t comment on decisions that are important life decisions, however I do urge you to look at it from different angles and not only focus on the difficulty/stress perspective but your larger goals that drove you this educational path to begin with.

  27. Thank you so much for the very helpful guidelines.
    it really encourage me to go and pick up my book and study, but the problem is that i have tons of readings left whenever i am thinking of doing them so i am afraid from where shall i start 🙁
    then i just stuck to that point and leave them all

  28. my problem is that i can’t find the time to study, i have collage ,gym and french classes, i really can’t endure that, i neet time 2 study. Please can u help me 2 put some kind of plan 2 manage my time. Thanx

  29. thanks for such ideas but i am in a very difficult situation i am in humanities and yet i havent started studing i have hardly 3 months left for my boards what should i do????
    pls answer fast i just wanna consult.

  30. Start now. Start now. Start now

    Don’t wait, always start as soon as possible with studying for an exam. It doesn’t need to be much (if you have time that is) but it should always be done in a continuous and consistent fashion.

    Hello there!

    There’s no need to panic, new opportunities are awaiting you see. The import thing is to start to deal with these problems, don’t let them heap up more than they already have. Don’t put it up and procrastinate, deal with it today! Construct a simple study plan for the remaining exams and never ever panic because of a low exam results. There are far worse things in life than that, by putting things in perspective you gain an insight into what’s really going on.

    Abderisak Adam – Author of The Study Guide PRO

  31. wow! very interesting questions… 🙂

  32. Thanks! 😀

    Abderisak Adam
    Webmaster of Study Habits | Become a Premium Member Today
    Author of Study Guide PRO & How To Concentrate Before It’s Too Late (Available to Premium Members)

  33. I am a very intelligent child.My 12th class board exams are approaching.But i often loose my focus after studying for 3 to 4 days and i don’t feel like studying anymore.Its October now and i want to complete my syllabus till November, but i dont think it would happen if i continue to keep this attitude please help me!!!!

  34. Thank you!!

  35. any person has no lake of intrest but you should always try to concentrate on yor stdy and manege your time well this will improve your qualification and you will be acheive your target …

  36. Masha`Allah.

  37. Hey thanks….these motivation tips might be helpful for….and i am going to try these tips….sooooo thanks alot:)and pray for me

  38. hello
    my name is Arif. I am doing my engineering as well as working full time in a bpo company.. since the circumstance around me has changed i cant quit working.. i’ve already got detained due to attendance shortage now cant afford to lose another yearnow rejoined to complete my course. Could u please help me to keep myself motivated to study well and get distinction.. looking forward to valuable feedback. hoping for a quick and positive response.. thanks in advance

  39. Hi,i am 18 years old boy perceiving my studies in Class 12th ,i have scored 94% in Class-10 ,later i got depressed due to environment and other things around factors !! After Class 10 , till Now i am not at all feeling like studying at all !! I have consulted many Counsellors,including psychiatrist also!! Feels like i am all alone, Moreover my Final Board Exam Starts in next 3days i.e.,on Thursday March 14 ,2013 Please give me Some tips!! I am awaiting for Ur Valuable Suggestions…!!

  40. Thanks. Though I still think that I will have trouble because most of homework and study is done on my laptop so the internet button is only a click away.



  42. I am a very high scoring kid. I’ve performed in exams consistently and I’ve always gotten pretty good scores. . But the problem is I can’t revise the day before my final exams. (Board exams). I have one tomorrow and I dont have any motivation to study. Also my grandmother died yesterday and no one is in the house. I really don’t want to waste a year of hard work due to this. Please help.

  43. i lost my love..my parents on one side and my lost love on other side.i dont know what to do..am unable to conc. On studies. I wil follow those tips hope it works

  44. it helped me a lot … thnxx… 🙂

  45. I am encounter lack of interest in studies. I am also doing job. I want to do study and imagine that I will become a successful person but when I starting study or reading books that time my mind is divert on other matter and engage in such situations. it has done lot times when I started study.

    Actually not concentrate or focus on study. Please you give me the solution of this problem. I am very cordially thankful to you.

  46. More action, less dreaming. It’s easier than it sounds but it is necessary in order to succeed in any type of endeavor, particularly studies.


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