Experts agree that the human brain works just like muscles. Just like physical exercise improves your body’s strength, you can improve your memory by doing memory improvement exercises on a daily basis. Putting the memory to work has been proven to be effective in strengthening it. If you neglect your mind, its power will decrease.

There are many ways to improve your memory. Online brain games, memory-improvement systems, memory training, vitamin rich diet, and adequate sleep are all important tools. You can get results even more quickly through performing simple memory improvement exercises every day. Here are some ideas:

Memorize phone numbers each day. Too many people rely on their cell phones to remember phone numbers, but what if you lose your phone? Start learning those numbers, five today and five tomorrow. It can be a mental challenge but it definitely is worth it in the long run. You will realize that remembering and recalling numbers can be a great memory training activity.

Complete a crossword puzzle or a word game each day. Add to the challenge by memorizing the words as well, along with their definitions. You’ll find it fulfilling when you get a puzzle done, whether it takes a few minutes or several hours. You will find this activity an excellent way to stimulate your mind.

Memorize your grocery lists. This activity can help you improve your memory and sharpen it. Getting away from written lists will test your memory retention and recall. You may not be able to instantly memorize a list the first time, but constantly practicing will gradually improve your memory skills.

Spend up to 10 minutes each day to memorize names of places around the world. Start by learning the states and cities in your country. Later, widen your scope to add nearby regions and then entire continents. You’ll train your memory and prepare yourself for your next overseas trip at the same time.

Perform a simple short-term memory test. Put a dozen objects on the table in front of you. Look at them for a few minutes, then turn to face away from the table and try to name out loud everything you saw. You may not recall everything the first time you do this, but as you keep on doing the exercise, you’ll be surprised at your improvement.