Memory training is considered an important activity lately, especially now that we are living in a ‘knowledge based economy.’ The information age places more and more weight on the importance of cognitive and mental capacity as opposed to physical endurance.Through improving your memory, you can learn more and utilize your knowledge more effectively. Because of this, and the need to stay current with all of the information people have to deal with every day, the popularity of memory improvement tools has only risen over the past few years. Here are five examples of tools available to help improve memory:

  1. Memory improvement CDs

    These memory improvement tools are based on the theory that the subconscious fully controls one’s memory. Most of these prerecorded materials consist of hypnosis programs that are aimed at changing unconscious thoughts and taking control of the subconscious mind. Memory hypnosis treatment is said to effectively enhance people’s concentration levels and improve their memory performance.

  2. Mnemonics

    These are simple tools or techniques for remembering information which might otherwise be difficult to memorize and recall. The idea behind this is that difficult-to-remember data can be encoded in a special way to make it much easier to retain and recall. Mnemonics can involve the use of alphabets, synonyms, or abbreviations. In many cases, it also involves the use of images that can be easily associated with specific ideas.

  3. Memory improvement games

    Several studies have found that specific games may improve cognitive brain function. The idea is to train the brain through using it continuously. And what better way could there be to do so but to engage in various types of mental games? For instance, some videogames have been proven to actually improve short-term memory skills as well as sharpen other cognitive functions.

  4. Memory improvement books

    Before the recent popularity of various memory improvement software and program, memory improvement books dominated this niche. Such materials have become helpful resource items for people who want to know, learn, and practice effective memory training and memory improvement techniques. As tools, such items are handy and reliable.

  5. Memory training software programs

    According to some experts, computer-based interactive training is one of the most effective ways to train memory and learn how to fully understand and retain important information attained through reading. Ultimate Memory is one of the most reliable programs on the market, having been designed by experts in the field of memory research.