Memory loss is quite common, especially among people who reach a certain age. Additionally, sudden and major memory loss can be a result of a specific brain trauma. It can be temporary or permanent. The condition may also be brought about by the use of certain drugs, onset of stroke, chemical imbalances, or mental illnesses. Finding ways to improve your memory skills can help you combat memory loss from many of these causes.

The symptoms of memory loss may vary from one person to another. The usual manifestations are things like forgetting names and dates, getting lost, having difficulties in performing familiar tasks, and repeating actions over and over. These may occur gradually with varying intensity, and the symptoms often depend on the cause of memory loss.

The most common cause of memory loss is trauma. Because of this, preventing a head injury is a good way to avoid this condition. Take preventive measures like wearing a seatbelt when you drive your car, and wear a helmet when you go biking. Avoid dangerous and risky physical activities without proper training, supervision, and safety precautions. If you’re a parent, make sure your child takes the same measures.

Reducing stress and eating nutritious foods can also help prevent the problem of memory loss. At the same time, you should eliminate other risk factors from your life, like exposure to chemicals or alcohol abuse. Blood pressure should always be regulated to prevent stroke, which can cause memory loss. Keeping the mind active is another way to reduce age-related memory loss.

Studies have found that improving memory skills is possible and that actively practicing the techniques can help prevent memory loss, especially the type that is brought about by brain degeneration. Here are some memory techniques that you can perform to help keep your mind active and prevent possible gradual memory loss.

Use mnemonics. If you need to retain information on your mind, try using mnemonics; for example, assigning letters of the alphabet to items on a list. Mnemonics is a memory tool for remembering and recalling data more easily by linking complex information with simpler bits of data, or ones that are easier to remember.

Use association. One of the easiest ways to improve memory skills is through associating information to other things or ideas, especially those that matter to you. That’s because through recalling a more familiar idea or visualizing an object, you will also be able to recall information associated with it. This will help prevent memory loss to some degree.

Lastly, practice memory games. You can have fun as you improve your memory. Puzzles are challenges that are not just enjoyable; they also keep the brain active, which makes it more open to receiving and processing more ideas. If you want to learn more ways to prevent possible degenerative memory loss, you can also use memory improvement tools and techniques.