It’s time for a new edition of our educational quotes series. Today, we will deal with a topic that is tremendously important for students. It’s about knowing what keeps you back and then remove those obstacles.

The following words were uttered by three time heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali, regarded by many as not only the best boxer in history but the greatest athlete in sport’s history.

[pullquote type=”3″]It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe. – Muhammad Ali[/pullquote]

We all have pebbles in our shoes, pebbles that hinder our progress and make it difficult for us to proceed. The ‘pebble’ differs between individual, for some its made up by laziness for others it all about procrastination. Whatever that pebble may be, you need to make sure to remove it and focus on the path ahead. An education is not something you acquire over a short amount of time, rather it is something that demands time & energy.

Instead of focusing on the scale of your education, focus instead of the little everyday obstacles that hinder you from achieving your academic dreams.

This is all for this weeks installment of education quotes. Stay tuned for some more inspirational quotes coming up.