That’s a weird title, don’t you think? To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend you to smoke pot nor to multitask (although the former is much worse than multitasking). Let me tell you why I wrote such an obscure header.

According to a report released by the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s college London multi tasking can cause more (temporary) damage to your brain than smoking pot.

They figured this out by letting two groups write the same exam; one group had to do it while checking their mail and responding to messages at the same time while the other group were pretty much stoned. Guess which group produced the best results?

Yup, the junkies did. This is not to mean that drugs such as marijuana doesn’t hurt you, it sure does and no one should obviously use it. This experiment does give you something to think about though. It’s a widely known fact that when someone does multiple things at the same time, they lose a large percentage of their ability to concentrate. And as you probably know; concentration is key to good study results.

In short: The lesson to be learned is; stay focused on what your doing and do not get distracted by doing dozen things at the same time. Do you still want to know how to multi task? I sure hope not.


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